Cash & Bank Accounts

Keeping track of your business cash flow is an important key to success. We can help you know how much cash is on hand or in your bank account(s) and how much you have available for your expenses. In today's business environments, it is crucial for businesses to have enough cash on hand to pay for expenses and to purchase needed assets.

Our Service Provides

  • Data entry of each month bank statement for reconciling.
  • Data entry of income and expenses not found on bank statement.
  • Data entry of bills for invoicing customers. We mail them for you.
  • Write checks to pay bills and to vendors. We mail them for you.

*Financial reports can be provided: income statement and/or profit and lost statements.

Human Resources

People are the life of your organization. A thriving human resource department plays an important role in developing an internal corporate culture that emphasizes quality, customer loyalty, and high productivity. Our offsite human resource capabilities provide you with a host of services at a fraction of the cost of full-time human resource employees.

Some of our services include:

  • Employment Verification
  • Application for employment Form
  • New Hire Reporting Form
  • Employee Reference check Form
  • Terms of Employment Notice Form
  • Maintain Employee Files

Inventory Management

We are experts in maintaining proper merchandise assortments while ordering, shipping, handling, and related costs are kept in check. Your businesses inventory counts as an asset, so tracking your businesses inventory can avoid shortages that might affect your cash flow. Managing your inventory correctly will enhance your business performance and you will be able make better business decisions based on your inventory.

Inventory Control

  • Complete count with barcode labeling
  • Scan each item into our database
  • Scan item out of inventory
  • Maintain records of all sales, transfers, or disposal
  • Inventory reports


If you pay contractors or employees you can benefit from our payroll service. You call in your payroll and we do the rest. Payroll can be processed weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. 

Payroll service provides:

  • Professional payroll checks for contractors or employees.
  • All payroll deductions can be deducted from payroll check. (ex. Child Support)
  • Check delivery to your business on payday or direct deposited.
  • Filing of quarterly tax returns to the IRS, state, & unemployment commission (UNLESS NOTIFIED BY IRS OF DIFFERENT FILING REQURIEMENTS)
  • Filing of annual report
  • File employer quarterly contribution and wage report to the employment security commission for all three quarters; fourth quarter file annual report (FORM 940)

*Additional services available upon employer request.

*End of year: W2 and 1099 are automatically processed for employers who use our payroll service. (W2 uploaded to SSA & 1099 uploaded to IRS)

*Stand-alone W2’s and 1099 available.

*State Sales and Use Tax Returns also available.

Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification

Our service provides:

  • Blank Copy of I-9 available.
  • Keep record of employee I-9 on file for employer.
  • Copy of employee I-9 available at employer request.

Receipt Scan

We scan receipts into our database so you have digital files that are easy to use, find, and share. Whether you are an individual or business owner you can benefit from receipt scanning. Our receipt scanning program is custom tailored  to your needs. Our program recognizes crumpled and ripped receipts. Scanning your receipts will allow you to have more space, save time, and money. When it comes time for you to prepare your taxes you will be able to provide accurate reports for your tax professional.


  • Scan receipts into digital file
  • Categorize each receipt for tax preparation
  • Keep record of all receipts on file
  • Send copy(s) of receipts upon request
  • Provide receipt report(s) upon request
  • Open door policy: do not let your receipts pile up! You can bring them by anytime during business hours.