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We scan receipts into our database so you have digital files that are easy to use, find, and share. Whether you are an individual or business owner you can benefit from receipt scanning. Our receipt scanning program is custom tailored  to your needs. Our program recognizes crumpled and ripped receipts. Scanning your receipts will allow you to have more space, save time, and money. When it comes time for you to prepare your taxes you will be able to provide accurate reports for your tax professional.

  • Scan receipts into digital file
  • Categorize each receipt for tax preparation
  • Keep record of all receipts on file
  • Send copy(s) of receipts upon request
  • Provide receipt report(s) upon request
  • Open door policy: do not let your receipts pile up! You can bring them by anytime during business hours.

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Let one of our accounting associates get you started with our receipt scanning service. We are ready to help you stay organized and prepared for the future.